At Ace Golf Balls our mission is simple:-  To sell top-quality used golf balls at an unbeatable price! 

For nearly 20 years, AceGolfBalls.com has provided golfers top quality used golf balls at half the price of new. All our golf balls are retrieved from the very best courses worldwide, they are washed with an environmentally friendly solution and carefully inspected and sorted by hand.

We’ve known for decades that the performance of our recycled golf balls matches that of right-out-of-the-box, new balls, but testing at an independent research facility (Why Used?) has confirmed with empirical data what we’ve felt for years: used golf balls are as good as new. Remember, all golf balls are used after the first hit!. Every golf ball we retreive is cleaned, sorted and graded by hand to ensure they are of the highest possible standard. You can purchase these balls with our assurance that they are the highest quality used golf balls available on the market today.


lakeballsThe journey of Ace Golf Balls products begins in over 200 golf courses around the Globe. Here, teams under contract to Ace Golf Balls scour the fairways, bunkers, and water hazards of the course to retrieve lost golf balls. The balls are then cleaned. At the rate of 40,000 balls an hour, industrial washing machines wash the dirt off the balls, after which they are dried off by powerful dryers.

The balls are then soaked overnight in a specially developed solution, to remove stubborn vestiges of dirt and to restore their luster.Soaked and cleaned the balls are then palletised and shipped to our distrubution unit in Wiltshire. Once the balls arrive at our warehouse, thousands of golf balls cascade into giant holding bins. At this stage, the inventory is far from ready for the market – with balls of various brands, grades, and colors jostling each other in enormous heaps.

Sorting and grading, the next process steps after cleaning, demand the most skills from Ace Golf Balls employees. Experienced graders, sitting at huge sorting tables under white lights, manually place the balls into different bins based on grades, brands, and types of balls.